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We Don't Have To Be Perfect

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Are you an overachiever? Overachievers accomplish some amazing things and they deserve acknowledgement for their drive and determination.

An overachiever once claimed, "One day.. I'm gonna make the onions cry!"

Some overachievers develop this trait because they are driven to reach perfection, but perfection should not be the goal - which is good, because we are not perfect. Sometimes completing the task with character, integrity and valor are the signs of great achievement.

“We don't have to be perfect, just engaged and committed to aligning values with actions.”

- Brene Brown

I really like this quote because it doesn't emphasize perfection as the achievement - it emphasizes values as the achievement. You can do a good thing in a bad way when your attitude is out of adjustment, or your motives are negative. The greatest achievements are not reached because of perfection - they are reached because of winning attitudes and authentic motives.

So remember, you don't have to be perfect to be valuable. It's not perfection that sets you apart in your accomplishments - it's your commitment to your values and your integrity, it's your character and your personal standards of excellence that make the difference.

Thanks for all you do!

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