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Take A Breath

“Take a breath. This is just a chapter, not the whole story.” - Unknown

Sometimes we get caught up in the microcosms of our present situation and easily lose sight of the fact that this is a fleeting, temporary moment - a chapter of life, and the rest of the story is yet to be written. Yes, it is important to complete the tasks at hand, but always remember that there is a future out there ahead of you that is waiting to be sculpted by your decisions and your actions.

When expectations seem like an insurmountable challenges, take a breath... remember that the rest of the day, tomorrow, and the days beyond are an empty page waiting for your hand to pick up the pen and write a new chapter. You can change the story - even now, if you choose to. I’ve often said that each new day is like God hit the “Do Over Button” overnight. Take advantage of the opportunity to make this day the best it can be, and have your pen ready to write a more positive, more successful and brighter chapter for tomorrow.

Make every day a great chapter!

You got this! Take a breath!

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