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Childlike Curiosity

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

One of my favorite authors of family and faith writings once wrote about his young son who was digging around in the yard one day and found some earthworms. In his childlike amazement he curiously watched the worms for a bit, then he runs in to his mom with the burning question about worms; the question that all of us are so curious to know - “Mom, do worms yawn?” - He wrote that she was “unprepared for the inquiry.”

I have no idea how to answer the question about yawning earthworms, but it’s not the answer that I’m focusing on, it’s the wonder - the childlike curiosity. Sometimes in life we keep asking God for the answer when what really builds our faith and peaks our understanding is asking the questions and exploring our own childlike curiosity. Sometimes God wants us to live in the question, rather than knowing all the answers. It’s not knowing all the answers that keeps us curious - it’s the questions.

The best way to keep the heart of our curiosity beating is to look for small beauties in the world. Little things like - Do worms yawn? - and the old question of how does a brown cow eat green grass and produce white milk? It’s the curiosity about life, about the world, and about God that expands our intelligence, our understanding and our spiritual awareness of God. We’ve all heard the adage of “stopping to smell the roses,” and whether you have deep faith in God or not, it’s a beautiful exercise in curiosity to stop and take a sniff.

So, today - let your mind, your understanding and your spirit take a fresh breath of curiosity about nature, life, God and humanity. Maybe stop a say a simple prayer along your way today for God to open up your heart to learn more, grow more, and elevate your life with childlike curiosity. It's the wonder of God that sharpens our awareness of God.

“Your curiosity is your growth point always.” Danielle LaPorte

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